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"Transform Your Leadership: Master Emotional Intelligence"

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Every human has the ability to unleash their hidden talents.

Every organization has the responsibility to help their people attain their potential.

A 3-month journey to become a more effective, empathetic leader

Today's diverse corporate environment is challenging due to different values, points of view, working styles, needs, and motivators. Introducing a course for leaders who want to connect with their teams, make a bigger impact, and consistently deliver on promises. Leaders who want their teams to be productive, motivated, and effective will learn new techniques in this three month course to successfully build a team that is prepared for tomorrow's challenges.



Plane the sky is the limit with leadership development

Your Ideal

Leadership Solution

Managers perform at higher levels

Empower your managers

Improve Employee Retention

Keep your employees engaged

Build trust based relationships

Elevate your teams relationships

Our 3 month course provides knowledge and tools to enhance emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and communication skills for leaders who face challenges in team dynamics, productivity, and conflict resolution, which impact their ability to achieve desired business outcomes. Post-course, leaders will see improved team performance, higher employee satisfaction, and significant contributions to the company's bottom line. Without these skills, leaders risk continued challenges in team management and reduced business efficiency.  Business leaders who aspire to improve their leadership impact but struggle with emotional intelligence and effective communication are encouraged to enroll in the course to unlock their potential.

Based on the provided agenda, the course is designed to enhance leadership skills by fostering emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Participants will engage in activities like Blindspot Assessment, Johari Window exercises, and identifying personal values, aimed at understanding their own behavioural styles and belief systems. The course also includes practical components like managing emotional triggers, setting boundaries, and developing self-care strategies. Additionally, it focuses on building trust and vulnerability in professional settings, rewiring brains to overcome negativity bias, and effective communication and conflict resolution. This holistic approach ensures leaders are well-equipped to drive positive business outcomes through improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence.



Corporate training for leadership development

• Canadian Cancer Society • BC Cancer Society • Honda •  AT&T • Lenovo •Point Grey Golf Club •Jericho Beach Club •Terminal City Club •  Simon Fraser University • Lakota Local Schools  • Vancouver International Airport • Logiix • Alcova Mortgage • Terry Fox Foundation

Our Transformational Leadership Students



The customer-based outcomes of the leadership program focus on enhancing the leadership qualities of participants in ways that tangibly benefit their organizations.  Improved communication and empathy skills can translate into better customer interactions and satisfaction.





With over three decades of expertise in human psychology, our approach has consistently demonstrated that true and enduring transformation occurs at the individual level through personal development. This distinctive philosophy sets us apart.

Many leadership enhancement initiatives mistakenly prioritize the neocortex, the part of the brain responsible for understanding complex ideas and performing analytical tasks. As a result, the lessons from these programs are often quickly forgotten, leading to inefficiency and financial loss.

In contrast, our methods engage not just the neocortex but primarily target the limbic system, which is the center of emotions, instincts, and motivations. Our approach resonates on an emotional level, touching the heart as well as the mind. This makes our content more relatable and memorable—think of the difference between hearing a narrative versus reading a report.

Moreover, our curriculum is deeply rooted in the principles of neuroscience and leverages insights from emotional intelligence and the study of unconscious bias. These elements form the core of our innovative approach.

We employ a revolutionary four-step process aimed at fostering lasting leadership skills by establishing new, effective behavioral patterns.

Improved Leadership Effectiveness

Leaders will be better equipped to inspire, motivate, and guide their teams towards achieving business goals.

Enhanced Team Performance

With improved leadership, teams are likely to become more efficient, collaborative, and effective in their roles.

Increased Employee Engagement

Emotional intelligence and effective communication fosters a supportive work environment resulting in lower turnover.

Better Decision-Making

The program's focus on critical thinking and emotional intelligence contributes to more informed, strategic decision-making

Effective Conflict Resolution

Leaders will gain skills in handling workplace conflicts in a way that minimizes disruption and maintains team cohesion.

Increased Change 


Emotional intelligence and critical thinking helps leaders navigate change in today's

fast-paced business environment.

People quit their boss. Increase retention with leadership development

People don't quit their job. 

They quit their boss.

Attracting top talent takes effort, ensure they don't

leave due to personality conflicts.

Let the Dante Group transform your managers into inspirational leaders.

By leaders participating in this course, employers will observe improved team dynamics,increased productivity, and better conflict resolution skills. Leaders will develop a deeperunderstanding of their own and others' emotions, leading to more empathetic and effectivecommunication. This heightened emotional intelligence will foster a more positive workplaceculture, enhancing employee engagement and retention. Additionally, leaders will be betterequipped to manage stress, maintain focus, and make decisions, contributing to overallbusiness success and adaptability in changing environments.



Relevant Leadership Training

This training is not just a theoretical exercise; it aligns closely with the specific operational and interpersonal challenges faced by the participant’s organization, aiming to create a more cohesive, efficient, and member-focused environment.

Better Team


The training enhances communication skills, essential for effective collaboration within teams at the orgnization. Improved communication leads to a smoother operation and enhances member engagement.

Conflict Management

and empathy

With a focus on emotional intelligence, the course equips leaders to better understand and manage diverse personal styles. This is crucial in diffusing potential conflicts with members and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere.

Cohesiveness Across Departments

The business' functional silos – operations, sales, customer service – can be bridged through the leadership skills gained in this course, fostering a more unified and efficient operation.

Elevating Staff Relationships

Enhanced leadership skills lead to better staff relationships, which directly translates to improved service delivery to members.

Data and KPI 


Post-training, expect to see a reduction in the number of member complaints, and internal disciplinary issues, and a decrease in time and resources spent by management in resolving conflicts. These improvements can be quantified through specific KPIs, providing a tangible measure of the training’s impact.

Retail and Service Sector Challenges

The retail and service sectors face unique challenges in staff retention and attraction. By empowering leaders with enhanced emotional intelligence and management skills, the club can create a more positive work environment, aiding in staff retention and making it a more attractive workplace for potential employees.

Likky Lavji  is the President and Lead Facilitator of Dante Group, a consulting firm that works with growth-oriented mid-size companies. He helps business leaders identify and resolve the core issues that are disrupting day-to-day activities and impacting long-term growth in their organization. His methods not only lead to greater profits but also increase employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Business professionals love working with him because he provides exceptional value and true organizational transformation to his clients.

The course's impact on the bottom line will be significant. Enhanced emotional intelligence in leaders leads to better team performance, reduced conflict, and increased employee satisfaction. This translates to improved efficiency, lower turnover rates, and enhanced innovation. The skills learned in the course will empower leaders to foster a supportive, productive work environment, ultimately driving business growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability.



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