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Transformative Leadership Course Deposit



Deposit to enroll your organization into the Dante Transformational Leadership Program. Once you've confirmed your interest inn enrolling in the program we can book a time to go over the dates and details.  This deposit will be applied towards your course fee. It is refundable if requested in writing 60 dats prior to your course starting. 



Leadership Transformational Course.

Time: 30 Hours over 3 Months

Instructor: Likky Lavji 

Location: On site 



Transformative Leadership: Building Emotional & Communicative Competence


Based on the provided agenda, the course is designed to enhance leadership skills by fostering emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Participants will engage in activities like Blindspot Assessment, Johari Window exercises, and identifying personal values, aimed at understanding their own behavioral styles and belief systems. The course also includes practical components like managing emotional triggers, setting boundaries, and developing self-care strategies. Additionally, it focuses on building trust and vulnerability in professional settings, rewiring brains to overcome negativity bias, and effective communication and conflict resolution. This holistic approach ensures leaders are well-equipped to drive positive business outcomes through improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


By leaders participating in this course, employers will observe improved team dynamics, increased productivity, and better conflict resolution skills. Leaders will develop a deeper understanding of their own and others' emotions, leading to more empathetic and effective communication. This heightened emotional intelligence will foster a more positive workplace culture, enhancing employee engagement and retention. Additionally, leaders will be better equipped to manage stress, maintain focus, and make decisions, contributing to overall business success and adaptability in changing environments.


The course's impact on the bottom line will be significant. Enhanced emotional intelligence in leaders leads to better team performance, reduced conflict, and increased employee satisfaction. This translates to improved efficiency, lower turnover rates, and enhanced innovation. The skills learned in the course will empower leaders to foster a supportive, productive work environment, ultimately driving business growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability.


The customer-based outcomes of the leadership program focus on enhancing the leadership qualities of participants in ways that tangibly benefit their organizations. Key outcomes include:

Improved Leadership Effectiveness: Leaders will be better equipped to inspire, motivate, and guide their teams towards achieving business goals.


Enhanced Team Performance: With improved leadership, teams are likely to become more efficient, collaborative, and effective in their roles.


Increased Employee Engagement: Leaders trained in emotional intelligence and effective communication can foster a more supportive and understanding work environment, leading to higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates.


Better Decision-Making: The program's focus on critical thinking and emotional intelligence contributes to more informed, strategic decision-making.


Effective Conflict Resolution: Leaders will gain skills in handling workplace conflicts in a way that minimizes disruption and maintains team cohesion.


Enhanced Customer Relationships: Improved communication and empathy skills can translate into better customer interactions and satisfaction.


Increased Adaptability: Training in emotional intelligence and critical thinking helps leaders navigate change more effectively, an essential skill in today's fast-paced business environment.

These outcomes collectively contribute to a more positive and productive workplace, ultimately driving business success and customer satisfaction.




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